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People have wondered for years: "How would we communicate if we met living organisms from other planets". Would we be able to understand each other? Would they even be interested in communicating with us? Well, I think we don’t even have to leave our planet to get some answers to these questions. In the end, we often don’t even understand each other as a people. Join us in our game Petri and let’s try to find some answers ourselves! Play as a small living organism in a Petri dish and meet with another UNKNOWN organism. Try to communicate! Try to understand each other! See if you can learn to cooperate. And most of all - have fun!

How to play:

Host/Join a game. Share the code with a friend (or post in some global chat and meet some new potential friends ;)). Move around and try communicating just by moving and observing each other! Think of goals you want to make the other “bacteria” do. Will they follow your instructions? Or will you fail to “connect”?


Peter Pavlík - Programmer

Matej Procházka - Designer

Lukáš Vasko - Artist

Ages: 25, 26, 26 (information for Jožko)


MoreFinalSubmission.zip 30 MB

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